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Primate Watch Safaris Limited is an indigenous Uganda tour and safari Company, fully registered in Uganda with a base in Kampala Uganda. We operate and manage Africa Safaris and tours within the East African Great Lakes region, covering Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Gorilla Safari Uganda 3 days

gorilla safarisSee Uganda’s top attraction, the mountain gorilla in Bwindi forest.

Murchison Falls Safari 3 days

murchison toursVisit the Murchison Falls, as well as other wildlife animals in the park.

Queen Elizabeth Safari 3 days

queen elizabeth travel toursTypical wildlife safari in Uganda, see the lions, hippos, elephants.e.t.c

Gorilla Trekking & Lions 5 days

gorilla trekking AfricaOn top of visiting the gorillas in Bwindi, you can see various wildlife

Gorilla Tour & Wildlife 6 days

wildlife safaris in AfricayTypical animal safari in Uganda, lion, gorilla, elephant, e.t.c

Primates of Uganda 7 days

primates of UgandaSee the mountain gorillas, the chimpanzee, monkeys and baboons.

Primate Watch Safari 8 days

safari holidays primatesComplete primate safari in Uganda, gorillas, chimps and monkeys.

Best of Uganda Safari 12 days

uganda and rwandaVisit the top star national parks of Uganda for great wildlife safaris.

Uganda & Rwanda 18 days

african safarisVisit the 2 countries that share the mountain gorillas and also wildlife.

Jinja Day Tour

Jinja TourSee Uganda’s top attraction, the mountain gorilla in Bwindi forest.

Ngamba Island Day Tour

Ngamba island ChimpanzeeSee Uganda’s top attraction, the mountain gorilla in Bwindi forest.

Ziwa Rhino & Ranch

gorilla safarisSee Uganda’s top attraction, the mountain gorilla in Bwindi forest.

Our Uganda safaris and Rwanda tours’ package cover Uganda National Parks and various areas of attraction to include; Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris, Birding safaris, Primate safari to view chimpanzee and other several primates, cultural tours, sight seeing and mountain climbing safaris. Uganda is naturally gifted with magnificent beauty in terms of wildlife, lakes and Rivers, tropical forests, mountains all of which have contributed to the excellent habitat for the wild game, the abundant bird species and the aquatic life. It was from all these natural endowments that Sir.Winston Churchill named Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”

We invite you to browse through our list of Uganda tours and Rwanda safaris, from which you can choose a suitable menu. Our tours and safaris programs are organized with recommendable flexibility to cater for all classes of tourists. Itineraries are tailored with the expertise that suite those on Business trips, Honey mooners, Students and budget tourists.


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With not only experienced safari driver guides, we offer the most exciting tours within East Africa boarders. Safaris range from day excursions for the business minorities to three weeks safari, for birding trips and adventure tourists.

Uganda located in the heart of Africa is described as a land locked country with exemplary beauty and germ.“The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere …in the whole range of Africa”- Sir Winston Churchill.