MONICA WALDROP: : USA: February, generic viagra drugstore 2008 2919 Ohio Way Denver, CO USA Cell phone:  720-470-9822   Had a 10 day safari with us and tracked Mountain gorillas in Bwindi.   Hi Florence, Thanks for the wonderful trip! When my friends invited me to join them on safari to Uganda and to hopefully view mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park, I reluctantly accepted. It turned out to be an invitation that I am so glad I accepted as it proved to be an experience of a life time. The only way to describe our experience is one of complete Euphoria. The diverse landscape, the kind attitude of the people and the wildlife found in Uganda is impossible to explain or describe. I loved it all. Even though we had experienced some difficulties and weren’t able to notify anyone of flights that had been cancelled in transit through Europe,  Benjamin “Ben” Musisi managed to be waiting for us magically and so was his patience through the 10 day Uganda safari.   I cannot speak highly enough of Ben. We felt very safe with him and he saw to our every need or wishes with a smile. We were travelling with an 85 year old gentleman who was having difficulties with his bearing aids. Ben watched carefully over him and the rest of us ladies throughout the trip. His knowledge of the area and wildlife in Uganda was impressive throughout the week.  We never had any unanswered question. On every jeep outing he managed to find just what we had hoped to see and to position us for beautiful photos. We never felt rushed or stressed.   Toward the end of our trip, I was feeling poorly on a day when we were scheduled to trek the mountain gorillas. He managed to run swap passes permits with another guide from another tour so that I could see a gorilla family that was closer to the village rather than having to hike up the steep hills into the jungles very far. One of my photos is attached showing just how close I was to a silver back in Bwindi. Had it not been for Ben and his concern, effort and encouragement for me to have that experience, I would not have had that once-in a- lifetime hour with those majestic primates in their natural habitat.   I highly recommend Primate Watch Safaris Limited and Benjamin Musisi to anyone vying to go on a trip in Uganda. I will tell about our experience over again. Best wishes, Monica   ANNE GARBARINE: : Jan/Feb, 2008: Had 1 week safari with us.   Hello Ben, This is just to thank you and the staff of Primate Watch Safaris for handling our trip so well. You were the best guide I have ever had on any of my trips and I have had some excellent guides in Turkey and Japan.  But no one measured up to you with your BIG Ben smile and positive attitude.  Plus I will never forget your kindness and caring for our friend Rae.  We were all concerned about our 84 year old friend doing that long gorilla trek.  You made sure he had options while keeping his libido in check.  Hopefully someday we can do another trip with you. Anne Garbarine ps  If I can figure it out I will send you a link to my Picasa photos of our trip   ALLEN BECKY: : Sept/Oct, 2008:   Was in a group of 11 pax for a 12 day safari with us.   Florence, We made it home safe and sound last week after a wonderful trip. I want to thank you again for all your honesty, and patience that made our trip to Uganda a great success. You made us feel so secure and safe when you personally met us at the hotel, an act that is over and above the duty of a travel agency

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. I very much appreciate the way you treated us, and I promise to highly recommend you and your Company to anyone we know that will be visiting Uganda in the future.   I cannot say how helpful you were in putting together a customized Uganda safari package to suite our requests. No wonder, the time spent planning the trip was worthy and really paid off. Our 12-day trip in Uganda to focus on primates was a great trip.  Though the group was a little big (11 people) but they were a diverse group and I really enjoyed the combination of people, not to mention our fantastic drivers, David and Ben! The itinerary was well tailored to include all the places we had identified not to miss. The Kaniyo Pabidi (Budongo Forest Chimpanzees, Kibale National Park were we witnessed a rare phenomenon of Chimps catch their pray – a red tailed monkey, hit it on a tree and share the meat. The chimps kept picking leaves to put in the mouth first then bite meat. Our local guide Ronald told us it was a way to prevent meat from harboring in the teeth. This was incredible! Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth was yet another good experience. The gorilla tracking day in Bwindi was awesome. The true gentle giant creatures were there. Take care, Allen RAE ANDERSON: : USA: Jan/Feb, 2008   Florence, Thanks to you, we had the best vacation of our lives …and we made sure we said exactly that to our local agent as well.   We were very impressed by the level of service received from Primate Watch Safaris. In all respects, your company put together a very good package which we very much enjoyed. Ben was exceptionally an excellent driver/guide. Regards, Rae Anderson.   LAUREN EVERALL AND CHRISTOPHER PRICE: March, 2008.   Hello Florence, We are back in California now. We must say that we had a wonderful time both in Uganda and Rwanda and we were very impressed by our package. Andrew was such a fabulous choice for us, thanks to your allocation! He is such a knowledgeable driver guide, with a sense humor. We hope he relayed our word of thanks to you and told also how happy we were. It’s unfortunate our safari ended in Rwanda so we did not meet you again, but not to worry we plan on coming back to Uganda with our daughter Lisa. The gorillas of course are beyond words and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been that close to those wonderful creatures both in Bwindi and Rwanda. Our gorilla guides were super wonderful too. I want to send a book – “THREATENED KINGDOM”, The Story of the mountain gorilla; by Buffett 2005 plus a DVD about the trip to Andrew Matovu our guide. Please let me have the correct P.O. Box number that I can mail these items to Andrew.  Thanks Florence and take care. Lauren   DAVID ESTRADA AND FAMILY: September, 2007:   Florence, Thanks for your expertise that enabled us to have an excellent trip. This was a “journey of a lifetime.” Primate Watch Safaris made my Africa visit a great success. Our tour guide who we later came to learn was one of the company directors made our safari the best of Africa Safari experience. Benjamin is such a go with whose concern for everyone of us at all times made us so found of him that when the safari came to an end I felt a sad note. He kept us live thought the safari. Though Ben confesses to enjoying birding trips most, his general knowledge of wildlife, his communication skill, and personality made the 14 day Uganda exploration trip a lifetime memory.   Did he tell you how a chimpanzee pied on my cape? “I will always keep it unwashed as a souvenir”. Our safari climaxed when we came face to face with the Giant Apes “the Mountain Gorillas” at a close range. At first I was scared, and then my fascination turned into delight when these humble creatures freely enjoyed their feeding with the young ones foraging the leaves as they jumped on trees as if enjoying our stares. I had no regrets in the way my safari was handled. I will always recommend Primate Watch Safaris to any tourists destined to Africa. Ellen Estrada,   CHISTIAN WOOD AND CAROLYN WOOD: April, 2007 Hi Ben, The fact is we may be back in Africa again later this year. A couple of weeks ago, we got the delightful news that our daughter and son-in-law in Nairobi are expecting a baby in November. It is important for me to be there and meddle and give unnecessary advice as I am so good at doing. In the next couple of days, I will send you a travel magazine that includes an article about traveling in Africa. In America, Africa is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, particularly for people with good incomes, and it is interesting to see how countries are developing a sustainable tourism industry. It’s impressive to see how Uganda, for example, stresses conservation and protection of animals as part of the attraction. Hope you enjoy reading it. Also, is another small article from another magazine about new technology that was donated to Nyarukamba in western Uganda? Carolyn & Chris Wood.   ROBERT HUMPHEY AND FAMAILY: August, 2007:   A Letter to their driver guide.   Hi Ben! Greetings from Australia! I hope this finds you and your family healthy.  You might remember the Roberts family. We toured with you last August.  It was, my husband Cliff (the veterinarian), my husbands parents, and Polly (both with gray hair) and my husband’s sister, Kristina and myself.  We toured Uganda and went to Rwanda to see the Mountain Gorillas.   You were the best tour guide I have ever had.  I sent you an e-mail many months ago and never heard from you.  I would like to send you a CD of all the photos we took.  Thought you would like to use some for your bird club, or something else.  Please let me know what address to send it to. I would also like to write to Tinka and start the students at my school writing to children in his village school.  Do you have Tinka’s e-mail address? I Hope to hear from you soon. Pamela.   ROBERT IWAN JNR AND KATRINA FAITH: August, 2007:   They went on a 2weeks birding trip with us: Dear Ben, Hope this email finds you well.  We are thinking of coming back to Uganda to visit some of the places you had mentioned. We are very interested in visiting Kidepo Valley National Park. We just want to confirm whether it is a good place for birding. Did you say we will have to fly to Kidepo? Could you please send us details on what birds and game found in this park. We are thinking of going to Semliki too. Could you have any other places that we haven’t been to yet, good locations for birding?   We would want to have you as our guide again if you wouldn’t mind! We also wanted to say what a wonderful time we had with you.  We really enjoyed our time together.  Were you ever able to watch the DVD we sent you? Best Regards, Bob.   MONICA GUFFEY AND CATHERINE Hoffman : December, 2006: We are now at home and catching up with all the things that piled up while we were in Uganda. Hope you and Edward made it home safely. We thank you both for all your help during our wonderful adventure and we will think of you often.  You both worked very hard to take very good care of us all the time and we very much appreciate all you did. If you or Edward ever visits the USA, please let us know as we would like to show you San Francisco.   There is room for you and your family to stay with us in Berkeley and you can spend time with Bob at Mountain Travel. We have told many of our friends about the great trip and have recommended Primate Watch Safaris as the best Uganda tour operator.  Stay in touch and we hope we see you again. Regards, Monica SIMON MARIE AND MITCHELL MORGAN: Oct/Nov, 2006:   Ben, Thank you for a great safari! We had a wonderful time and cannot thank you enough for your patience; great knowledge and sharing your love for your country and the animals. We keep telling everyone what a great experience we had in the company of our great driver guide. I hope you finally got to the doctor and your stomach is doing better. I spent quite a lot of time with the foot doctor but my toe is much better now – the doctor couldn’t believe I had done all three weeks with my foot as it was – I told him it was all because of your care and concern that I managed. I hope your family is well and that Rose has forgiven you for heading right out to take another safari. Again, thank you for an unforgettable experience. This was your jock Ben: Please take our picture, we were clueless, suddenly I realized who was behind us “a silverback Gorilla” Wow! Best wishes, Mitch. MELISSA SHERRY: Jul/Aug, 2005 Hi Ben, How are you???  I totally miss you and being in Africa, but it’s also nice being back at home with my boyfriend and friends. I’ve finally finished editing my photos and have so many more than the ones you’ll see in the web albums I’m sending, but had to keep the albums to a reasonable number.  If you want more shots of the Finfoot or any of the other birds or animals, just let me know and I can either send you more online or try to send a CD.   For some reason I can’t find Dennis’ e-mail address, so could you please send him the links to my albums or send me his e-mail address?  Please tell him I say a warm hello as well. Below is a little blurb that I sent to all my friends about my trip.  I’m not going to include the portions on Uganda because you were there with me, but I did mention my fantastic drivers to everyone!!!!  Ok, please keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing (and if you see anything extra special out on your drives let us know). Lots of warm wishes, Melissa