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Denise & Ken Newman We spent 19 amazing days touring Uganda with the tour company Primate Watch Safaris, discount viagra malady going to almost every National Park. Flo was the main reason I picked this company out of the many endless available online. It is difficult picking blindly without a reference, but after checking tripadvisor, I sent the company an inquiry. Flo was quick to respond to my inquiry which is very important when you need to plan a trip across the world. We wired money to her bank after ironing out the trip details, and she was quick to send a receipt and acknowledge payment. Ben picked us up on time at the airport and was a perfect driver, guide, and companion (extremely professional) during our long, days on the roads seeing Uganda from one end to the other. I have nothing negative only positive comments on the company, and would recommend them highly if you are considering a trip to Uganda. Primate Watch Safaris made our trip even better than we had anticipated. We felt safe, and the lodges were amazing on the high end, and wiring money to an unknown company across the world can be scary, but I can vouch that Primate Watch Safaris is a genuine company that can give you an amazing African experience traveling to Uganda. If you have the time stay a few days in Kidepo one of our favorite national parks. Take a good camera with good lenses because there are so many amazing photography opportunities every time you turn around. Pack light, prepared for dust and dirt, and enjoy the real Africa experience! We had an emergency while on vacation, and Flo and Ben went beyond the call of duty to help us out! The last week of my vacation was very stressful, but Ben did everything he could to help us keep in touch with family members in the states. We loved our vacation, and are very pleased we choose to use Primary Safari Watch to show us Uganda. Feel free to contact me if you have questions on trip advisor (Travelwithnise)

May 7, 2014