Primate Watch Safaris welcomes you to Rwanda!   Rwanda is a small country on the highest African plateau about the size of Wales. It is a land locked country in the heart of the African continent. It is generally known as a land of a thousand hills where few volcanoes stretch in the horizon. The undulating hills and mountains ever covered by mist every morning form a good scenery-hence the saying “the gorillas in the mist”. Rwanda is bisected by the Rift valley forming enclaves and good natural forest habitats for over 600 bird species and the famous mountain gorilla National Park that houses the last surviving gorillas on earth. The Akagera National Park is in the northern part of the country bordering Uganda and Congo.   Rwanda Safaris   We offer affordable Rwanda gorilla tours and wildlife safaris from luxury, buy viagra sick executive, budget, culture, long expedition’s, adventure tours plus short itineraries that aim at consistently achieving a standard of excellence in relation to services that we offer. We combine Rwanda and Uganda to give the best of your holiday. And in some cases we add Burundi and DRC.   Rwanda Gorilla Tours   Gorilla Safari (3 days) Track Gorillas Our Rwanda gorilla tours can start from either Kigali Airport in Rwanda or Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Regardless of whichever airport you disembark from, we are able to arrange for you to track Rwanda gorillas by starting from Kigali or Kampala in Uganda. There are a number of habituated gorilla families; – amahoro, “Group of 13”, Sabinyo and Susa – etc. Each of the groups allows up to 8 people per day. The activities while in Rwanda include among others; Mountain Gorilla tracking, Golden Monkey tracking, Climbing the Volcanic Muhabura Mountains, A visit to Karisimbi or Visoke, A visit to the Karisoke Research Centre, where Diana Fosseys grave – the author of “gorillas in the mist” is located, Visit local villages.   Gorilla safari (4 days) Track Gorillas Twice/ golden monkeys Under this Rwanda safari you will track gorillas twice or visit the golden monkeys or Karusoke Research station – Diana Fossey stooping grounds.   Primates Tour Nyungwe Forest (4 days) Nyungwe forest is a big montane forest, in southern Rwanda. It is believed to be the largest in central Africa and has thirteen species of primates including Chimpanzee and large groups of Rwenzori colobus monkeys. Tracking is on steep slippery hillsides and viewing is unpredictable.   Rwanda Tour (7 days-1) This Rwanda tour allows you see Parc National des Volcanos, famous for gorilla tracking, seeing local communities; it takes you to Nyungwe, in south west of Rwanda, a huge afro- montane forest and Akagera Game park.   Uganda game viewing and Rwanda gorillas (7days-2) this is nice itinerary to combine with Northern Tanzania circuits. Where your ground tour operator will drop you at Mwanza to catch a ferry or the border of Tanzania and Uganda at Mutukula and then we pick you from there to continue to Lake Mburo National Park. Alternatively you can start from Kigali and we then drop you at Mutukula/ Bukoba where you will proceed to Bukoba port to catch ferry to Mwanza and start your northern Tanzania safari circuits with your ground tour operator. In this case day 1 will be left out.   Primates And Game Viewing (8 days) This Rwanda tour takes you to Akagera National park for game viewing, sightseeing of Kigali city; an attractive city spread over many hills for which Rwanda is prominent. Enjoy local dances and see local cultures at times at your accommodation hotel. Parc National des volcanos, famous for gorilla tracking and Nyungwe for primate (s) watching.   Rwanda – Uganda Primates (9 days) Visit the mountain gorillas and other primates in the two countries of Rwanda and Uganda.   Uganda Rwanda general tour (15 days) This is one of the best tours covering Uganda and Rwanda. Track gorillas in both countries, game viewing, Chimpanzee viewing and sightseeing.     Book any Gorilla trekking safaris – Rwanda Rwanda about the size of Wales is a small land locked country on the highest African plateau. Rwanda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa famously referred to as a land of a thousand hills stretch in the horizon, the undulating hills and mountains ever covered in the mist as one will witness every morning hence the saying “Gorillas in the Mist”. The country rates very highly as one of Africa’s tourist destinations hosting part of the worlds renown Mountain Gorillas in their very natural bamboo habitat. Rwanda like her neighboring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, shares and protects the remaining 720 world’s mountain gorillas that have made the trio countries famous as tourist and safari destinations

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. Gorilla trekking is done in five groups/families within bamboo covered slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes.   This is where for 20 years; the late Diana Fossey based her research on the behaviors of the endangered mountain gorilla species. It is here still that the film makers shot the movie “Gorillas in the Mist”. gorilla safari in Rwanda The country offers a number of tourist attractions namely mountain gorilla trekking in Parc National des Volcans, the historical genocide sights in Kigali for sight seeing tours, Nyungwe forest for chimpanzee tracking, Akagera for wildlife viewing, Lake Kivu for excellent sight seeing and volcanic sites for nature walks.   Primate Watch Safaris offers affordable Rwanda safaris and Wildlife tours to include the rich culture. We cater for all persons ranging from luxury, executive to budget expeditions. With primates Watch Safaris you will not only have an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience, wildlife viewing, sight seeing and nature walks not forgetting the rich African culture and heritage but also the feel of being home away from home as a result of our extra ordinary safari driver / guides.   We design tailor made itineraries/programs with the flexibility that suites your budget. Primate Watch Safaris is one of the few tour companies that offer memorable safaris to cover Uganda and Rwanda. Our programs are either Rwanda exclusive or Rwanda – Uganda combined. Gorilla trekking safari – Rwanda   Make your Rwanda Safari a dream come true with Primate Watch Safaris. Gorilla Safari in Rwanda